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Emc E20-880 Pass4sure, Specialist Real Exam

E20-880 Questions Which action would be most effective in reducing the performance impact of a Snapshot on a Source LUN? Using faster disks for the Source LUN Using faster disks for the Reserved LUN Pool Increasing the Snapshot chunk size Increasing the Snapshot write-aside size EMC E20-880 pass4sure The new EMC E20-880 pass4sure products, ranging [...]

E20-880 Free Vce Download, Emc Actual

E20-880 Questions A VNX storage system is being configured to provide storage for an Exchange 2010 implementation for 2,000 users. iSCSI will be used for connectivity between the servers and the array. Each server has two, dual-ported NICs. Based on EMC best practices for availability and redundancy, how should the interconnectivity be configured? Configure each [...]

Emc E20-880 Latest Certification Brain Dump, Real

E20-880 Questions A customer has recently implemented Microsoft Exchange 2010 on a VNX storage system that hosts a variety of application servers. The Exchange implementation is currently using RAID 5 (4+1) and uses FAST Cache for the database volumes, but is not using FAST VP. Performance has been significantly diminished. What would you recommend to [...]

Emc E20-880 Download Free Brain Dump, Emc

E20-880 Questions A customer has deployed a new application on a host using VNX storage. The new application I/O size is 512 KiB, has a 50/50 read-write ratio, and its write behavior is sequential and bursty. All other host applications are characterized by 4 KiB I/O random writes. The customer has noticed degraded overall VNX [...]

E20-880 Test Questions

E20-880 Questions Your customer wants to use a SnapView snapshot as part of their backup strategy. You need to determine whether or not the proposed RLP configuration will meet the performance requirement. The source LUN performs 400 random 8 KiB IOPS, with a 3:1 R/W ratio. At what rate is chunk data written into the [...]